For over 40 years I've been rubbing the kinks out of people's necks & shoulders.  One of those people, who had received a professional massage, suggested I should become a massage therapist.  I've been licensed in NH since 1996....


Welcome to October. Have you gotten acclimated to wearing a facemask often?  I'm still having challenges remembering to take a mask with me when I get out of the car. Thankfully I've a small stack on my car's visor. To assist in the social distancing and keeping my clients & myself safe, some changes will be implemented for awhile:

  *  Upon arrival clients are encouraged to squirt hand sanitizer in their hands and rub it in. 

  *  Wearing a mask upon arrival will be required. Once your session starts and you're on your stomach you don't need to wear a mask. Please bring a facemask with you. 

  *  To make sure the room has been sanitized between sessions, I will be wiping down the my treatment table and the bench to keep my clients safe. 

  *  There will be a half hour break to sanitize the treatment room between sessions. 

  * To know you've read all my new policies, I'll need you to go to COVID19 Consent Form.odt, print it out, initialize it at the appropriate spaces and bring it with you to your session. 

 Please call or text my cell phone number: 603-566-7415 to set up an appointment.