About Me

For over 40 years I've been rubbing the kinks out of people's necks & shoulders.  One of those people, who had received a professional massage, suggested I should become a massage therapist.  I've been licensed in NH since 1996.  Believ...


We've not returned to normal in 2022 - yet there is

hope at Heartfelt Therapeutic Massage. God has provided some new clients to have some full days for me. 

     Currently, I'm taking a vacation and will be returning to work May 16th. 

  To make sure you're getting a relaxing as well an encouraging session, I now provide three sessions per day. The days I work: Mon, Wed, Th, Fri and the first Sat of the month

 Please  call or text my cell phone number: 603-566-7415 to set up an appointment.